Strawberry, peach, honey, mandarin and brown sugar. A full bodied, juicy cup with hints of bergamot and elderflower. 

Region: Acevedo, Huila  
Altitude: 1700 - 1750 masl
Varietal: Tabi 
Process: Anaerobic fermentation     

Norbey is a Colombian coffee grower who inherited his father's farm 25 years ago. "The first ten years were amazing", Norbey said, but after the C price dropped below the cost of production for the first time (in 2006), Norbey knew that producing commercial coffee alone was not going to be sustainable.

For this reason, he joined the highly revered El Sena (Colombia Coffee School) to learn how to produce a high-quality cup. Fortunately for him, his farm is located at a very high altitude right next to a rainforest which produces a cooler climate and contributes to slower growing cherries - perfect for specialty coffee. Norbey grows mostly Caturra but also has Tabi and Pink Bourbon. 

Colombia Norbey Quimbayo is now roasting for espresso and filter. Available online and in our stores.