Introducing: the Fresh Crop Subscription

A Fresh Crop Subscription is an opportunity to connect with our roasters as they journey through the world's best coffees. Every fortnight, the Padre roasters select the current coffee that excites them most, roast it to order and send it out to our Fresh Crop crew. 

Along with the coffee, you get key info about where coffee is from, its producer and how it was grown and processed. 
Our aim is to share our very best single origins with you and to help you learn more about coffee, as well as what you like. More than just a fortnightly dispatch, Fresh Crop is an avenue to learn about, discuss and refine your approach to brewing coffee. We'll also send you a special educational note card for you to fill out to help you develop your brewing and tasting abilities, too. 

Here's how it works.

Each fortnight on a Wednesday, we'll send you our favourite stand-out single origin coffee of the moment. 

You choose
- how much you'd like in each delivery (500g, 1kg or 2kg) 
- whether you need the coffee ground or not, and 
- whether you prefer our filter or espresso roast

We generally recommend a filter roast for slower brewing methods (think Pourover, Syphon or Chemex, of course, but also cold drip or plunger) and an espresso roast for faster ones: Espresso, of course, but also Stovetop and (depending on your recipe) Aeropress, which - along with Batch Brew - can go either way depending on your brewing and drinking preferences. 

If you're not sure which one is for you, feel free to call us for a word of advice.

Or, sign up for the Mixed subscription - you'll get the same coffee, but a bag each of the filter and espresso roast. Brew them both, choose your favourite and then let us know which you'd like to settle on! 

By the way, the Mixed Subscription is also great if you're brewing with various devices, like we do! Have an espresso machine and a V60 on the go? Look no further, you've found your perfect match. 

A little shy of commitment? The best thing is that once your order is in the system, you can easily log in and make changes to it.

Give up coffee? You can cancel an ongoing order at any time.
Going away? No problem. You can change your delivery address, pause, skip and resume deliveries in advance via your customer account.
Tastes changing? You can edit your upcoming orders to change the grind setting, the amount or even try a different blend.  

Please note that because we prepare subscriptions fortnightly, depending on when you have ordered, there may be a delay in receiving your first order. Please contact us should you wish to confirm the delivery cycle.  

How do I make changes?

If you already have a subscription set up, you can manage your deliveries and payments here

Looking for a Subscription for one of our house blends?

No problem. We're very excited to now offer Standing Orders for our Seasonal, DG and Hey Buddy blends - perfect for when you already know what your favourite coffee is 😉  More information.