Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Breaking news: not only do our cafes repurpose their coffee waste via partnership with Reground, but now our roastery does, too!

Reground is a fantastic initiative started by Padre ex-barista Ninna Larsen, driven to collect and divert coffee waste from Melbourne's cafes. As of June 2017, Reground have saved 40 tonnes of coffee grounds from landfill and put them to good use in community and local gardens. 

At the cafe level, we've partnered with Reground from the very start. As part of our ongoing work towards sustainability - and Reground's growth - we're excited to announce that chaff from our roasts is now being repurposed by local gardeners, too.

A by-product of roasting, chaff is the dried husk of the coffee bean that separates and is collected during the roast.

High in carbon, it's a great resource for composts and gardens - as well as being the only organic waste product from our roasting process. Big thanks to head roaster Fay Kamanis and the amazing Reground team for another big step towards sustainability.