Luxey Reusable Cup
Luxey Reusable Cup
Luxey Reusable Cup
Luxey Reusable Cup
Luxey Reusable Cup
Luxey Reusable Cup

Luxey Reusable Cup


Meet your new favourite cup.

One day you might be in the mood for a 6oz coffee, other days, you'll be in dire need of a 12oz. We get it, and so does Luxey. 

The passion project of Sunshine Coast based couple Andy and Sandra-Lea Murray, Luxey is a borosilicate glass travel cup with a silicone base and lid. Unlike regular reusable cups, it's a one size fits all design with 6, 8 and 12 oz fill lines etched on the side. Clever!

Aware that many environmental problems were caused by unnecessary waste, Andy and Sandra-Lea focused on one area where they could effectively help people reduce waste. Their dream was to make a positive contribution that reached far beyond their home. 

And so, through their love of design and innovation, the Luxey Cup was born. Combining their marketing and business experience, their elegant, reusable cup – arguably one of the best designs on the market – is finally here. 

About the design. 

Luxey is made from borosilicate glass that's precision moulded, and lighter and stronger than ordinary glass. Glass ensures the cup stays hygienic, stain and smell-free, and guarantees zero toxins leach from the cup from hot liquids. 

The silicon base makes it comfortable to carry (no burning fingers!), ensures the cup is non-slip and protects the glass from breaking from minor knocks. 

The lid securely hugs the top of the cup and has a soft mouth-feel. Best of all, it's easy to clean and it has zero fiddly bits to lose down the sink. 

And the all-important flow of liquid? The mouthpiece is designed for perfect flow - Luxey has carefully considered the speed and quantity of the liquid plus the size and position of the air hole. 

  • 100% BPA and plastic free.
  • Australian design and owned. 
  • Odour and stain resistant.
  • 130mm x 70mm. 
  • 12oz/354 ml

Please note, we only have stock available of the mint, white and peachy colourways.