Pourover Pack
Pourover Pack
Pourover Pack

Pourover Pack


Delicate and light with bright, refined flavours, pourover is a beautiful, simple way to drink your coffee.
Small, quick, light and easy, pourover is the perfect brew when all you want is one (or two) cups.

There are hundreds of different kinds of pourovers available, but trust us when we say that Hario's are the best.
Favoured by coffee fanatics and professionals for its innovative design, The V60 is designed for slow, even extraction as well as ease of use and the ceramic body helps to retain heat and maintain a stable brew temperature.

Key to fantastic pourover coffee is a good kettle with a thin, curved spout and defined lip - our Hario Buono kettle in stainless steel is a perfect match, small, lightweight and perfectly crafted by Japan's filter coffee experts.

Padre's exclusive Pourover Pack includes everything you need to brew amazing coffee at home from day one;

One lovely Hario V60 Ceramic Two Cup brewer,
a set of Hario's own Two Cup (although you can use the same filters, just less coffee, for one cup brewing) filter papers, the terrific Hario Buono pouring kettle,
and a compact stainless steel Rhinowares hand grinder with ceramic burrs.

For more information, brewing tips, or to try a pourover coffee for yourself, drop into one of our stores.