As a largely self-taught group of coffee professionals with cumulative decades of experience, we are firm believers in the sharing of knowledge in the pursuit of the perfect coffee. Right from the beginning, education has been the cornerstone of what we do. Those who visited what was then 'The Brunswick East Project' in the early days will remember the sacks of green coffee sitting alongside tables, the hand-written definitions of 'single origin' and 'microlot' that framed the front door and the tiny roasting room in the centre of everything.. 

The company and the roastery have grown up, but we are as committed as ever to making specialty coffee accessible and to sharing what we've learnt. We've made it our mission to provide not just great coffee in our cafes but all of tools and info it takes to make great coffee at home, too. 

For our customers, it means that you can ask us anything. We're here to help you investigate new coffees, different origins, unusual processing methods, new brew devices - whatever gets you closer to your perfect cup. For us, it's a hobby, a profession, and a passion. We're obsessed with the never-ending exploration of coffee - what it is, where it comes from, how to brew and serve and consume it - all of the myriad factors affecting this unique product, from field to cup.

Try something new.

We believe that the best way to develop your palate and your understanding of coffee is to try lots of different things - this is why when you order your coffee with us you get the choice of the day’s blended and single origin coffee offering at no extra charge - and we’re always happy to make a recommendation based on what you already know you like. Our coffee menu is always evolving, and we work hard to keep it diverse and interesting. We also know that the world of coffee does not end at espresso, so each of our cafes offers a range of alternate brewing methods for you to experience.

Take something home.

We believe that making coffee for yourself (and your loved ones) should be a pleasure, and that your daily coffee should be delicious even (or especially!) when you make it for yourself. We have the industry’s best range of brewing equipment and coffee gear, all of it rigorously tested and wholeheartedly recommended by the Padre team. Whether you’re making coffee at home, at work or on holiday we are here to help you get the best from every cup, with friendly and knowledgeable staff who know our range inside and out. 

Come to a cupping.

A cupping is an opportunity to taste and compare coffees the way industry professionals do, and it’s the best way we’ve found to train your palate and refine your appreciation of coffee’s complexities. Our Noosa roastery hosts public cuppings at 11am each Saturday, and our Brunswick roastery at 2pm on the first Monday of every month. 

Join a free community workshop.

Every Monday at 2pm Padre VIC hosts an open information and training session at our Brunswick café & roastery. These are free, no bookings required (unless otherwise noted) and everybody is welcome - it's all about discussion and exploration. The workshops cover a range of subjects from processing methods at origin to brewing espresso and everything in between - check the current listing here.

Sign up for a course.

One thing we know about coffee is that there is always more to learn.
When you're ready to take the next step, the best place to start is with our three-hour introductory espresso course. Running in both Noosa and Brunswick, it's perfectly suited to the home barista or aspiring coffee professional as well as any devoted drinker who wants to learn more. Our
Espresso 101 course lets you hop behind the machine and brew your own coffees according to the café-tested Padre methodology - it’s hands-on and heaps of fun. Upcoming classes are listed here.

After numerous enquiries from industry professionals and members of the public alike, we introduced our one-day intensive Roasters Course to share what we’ve learnt about running a successful commercial roastery. The one-day intensive packs in all the essentials of sourcing great green coffee and planning, executing and analyzing a roast as well as the unique tools and techniques that have made our roastery a success. Courses run in small groups and are booked subject to demand; you can find out more here.