Wholesale & Cafe Supply

We’re proud to supply our coffee to friends and like-minded people in the growing specialty coffee community. Of course, it’s more than just coffee we provide – years in the industry have taught us that it’s the tools, training, guidance and support we offer that make sure the Padre bean lives up to its name, wherever you might find it.

We source only specialty grade coffee encouraging provenance and sustainability. We value the strong relationships we have with the people we work with, which is why we take the time to make sure that even the tea, milk and chocolate that we use are premium local products, made by thoughtful and engaged individuals.

You can read more about our wholesale program here. If you are interested in stocking Padre Coffee, call us in Melbourne on (03) 9380 8225 or Queensland on (07) 5474 2036 or contact us using the form below. If you're looking for a one-off purchase or to feature our coffee as a guest in your cafe you may also want to check out our Coffee 6-Pack.