Wholesale & Cafe Program

We’re proud to supply our coffee to friends and like-minded people in the growing specialty coffee community. Of course, it’s more than just coffee we provide – years in the industry have taught us that it’s the tools, training, guidance and support we offer that make sure the Padre bean lives up to its name, wherever you might find it.

We source only specialty grade coffee encouraging provenance and sustainability.  We value the strong relationships we have with the people we work with, which is why we take the time to make sure that even the tea, milk and chocolate that we use are premium local products, made by thoughtful and engaged individuals.

If you are interested in stocking Padre Coffee or would simply like to know about our wholesale program, call our office or contact us using the form below.


We source and supply only specialty grade coffees, this is the core of our business. Specialty grade coffees by definition help the coffee community achieve our end goal of raising coffee standards, not just in the cup profile, but right down the supply chain to the producers.  Read more about our coffees here

Customer Service & Ordering

We love our customers and we want them equally to love us.  Not in a fuzzy warm hold my hand and giggle kind of way (although that's alright too sometimes) but in a fair is fair, good service, help and advice when you need it kind of way.  We run our own stores and believe in good customer service, respectful and attentive. Read more about our customer service here

Training & Education

We welcome the opportunity to spend time with our wholesale customers.  Access to good training is the cornerstone of a great cafe. Whether it's equipment selection, advice on workflow and service, espresso and brew methods training, basic coffee machine maintenance or simply gathering a deeper understanding of where coffee comes from through one of our workshops, we are here to help.

Read more about our Wholesale Training and Education here

Technical Support & Equipment

We believe in using the best equipment for the job and provide unparalleled technical support to our wholesale & cafe customers, including a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, 24/7 call out support and back up equipment. Our online technical database is accessible by our technicians and wholesale team, giving us real time access to your equipment's history.  Read more about our technical support and equipment supply here