Training & Education


We welcome the opportunity to spend time with our wholesale customers.  Access to good training is the cornerstone of a great cafe. Whether it's equipment selection, workflow and service, how to fine tune a coffee, latte art to basic coffee machine repairs or simply gathering a deeper understanding of where coffee comes from through one of our workshops, we are here to help.  

Right from our humble beginnings in Brunswick East we have designed, built and run our own stores.  Padre Coffee Brunswick East (our home), Padre Coffee South Melbourne Market, Padre Coffee Noosa and Padre Coffee Royal Arcade as well as our roasteries in Melbourne and Noosa are run and owned by the same people you will see training your staff, fixing your coffee machine and roasting your beans.

These dedicated people can advise you first hand on machine and equipment selection, coffee setup, training and maintenance all the way through to good systems for rostering and POS. As well as our own first hand experiences, we also run weekly workshops on everything coffee related.

A great coffee offering requires constant attention and ongoing training. We believe the best way to achieve this is ongoing training in an environment that suits you. 

Training HQ

Our training facilities in Brunswick and Noosa offer great spaces for barista training, workshops, systems training and education. Setup with the same equipment and layout we use in our stores these are invaluable for helping fine tune systems and manage your training needs.

In Your Cafe

We also offer our on-site barista training, which can be very advantageous for talking through setup and workflow as well as identifying specifics for your cafe.

Espresso is just the beginning

While espresso-based drinks are essential, pour over, cold drip, toddy, chemex, the little guy, syphon ...well the list goes on really - are all brew methods you can find in our cafes.  Likewise our training programs can help you work through the best types of brewing for your cafe offering advice, tips and what we have learned in our stores.