Burundi Gaharo 11
Burundi Gaharo 11
Burundi Gaharo 11

Burundi Gaharo 11


we are proud to share with you this limited edition microlot coffee from Burundi's extraordinary Long Miles Coffee Project

This delightful coffee is a wonderful insight into the unique profile of this East African country, similar to but distinct from its regional neighbours. Sweet and complex, it's very juicy up front with grapefruit acidity, honey, black tea and plum notes, creamy textured body and a dark chocolate finish. 

About the Long Miles Coffee Project: 

Ben and Kristy Carlson, North American coffee professionals, moved their young family to Burundi - one of the poorest countries in the world - after discovering the region's unique coffee profile in a cupping. They established the Long Miles Coffee Project to facilitate the production of the best possible coffee in the region and - in a country struggling to recover from decades of social, political and economic trauma - to support, empower and improve the prospects of local growers and subsistence farmers. Growing their own coffee and processing it alongside that of their neighbours, the Carlsons' work has been foundational to Burundi's fledgling specialty coffee industry.

Region: Gaharo hill, Kayanza
Altitude: 1800+ masl
Varietal: heirloom bourbon 
Processing: fully washed

Remote Gaharo Hill was the site of LMCP's first wet mill.
Now working with over 1400 farmers across 26 collines (coffee hills) the success of Gaharo Hill demonstrates LMCP's conviction that the wet mill - where all 18 stages of meticulous microlot-separated coffee production are overseen - is the key. 

Presence on the ground in Burundi has helped LMCP to connect roasters and drinkers from around the world with the stories of Burundi, it's coffee and farmers. We highly recommend reading the profiles of farmers on their website.

 Through consultation and collaboration the Carlsons have helped the farming community to make improvements to infrastructure and industry that can now see their coffee on a world stage. We are proud to be a part of this process.

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