Burundi Mbrizi
Burundi Mbrizi
Burundi Mbrizi

Burundi Mbrizi


Apricot, caramel, raspberry and maple syrup. 

Region: Kayanza, Burundi 
Altitude: 1600 masl
Varietal: Bourbon & Jackson  
Process: Honey

This unique honey coffee originates from the small landlocked country of Burundi, that borders Rwanda and Tanzania in southeast Africa. 

In specialty Burundian coffee, all coffees are grown organically by default, as the farmers are not investing in fertilisers, but instead in equipment and strict quality control for cherry processing, as well as an environmental and sustainable coffee production. 

Mbrizi Mill 

The Mbrizi mill was founded in early 2014 and has established itself as one of the leading mills in Burundi's coffee-rich capital city of Kayanza. 

Owner and Managing Director Ramadhan Salum sees the value in supporting local communities, creating employment, building infrastructure and donating land for schools. This, together with the premiums and second payments for the coffees, encourages farmers to increase the quality of cherry picking during harvest, which helps solidify Mbrizi Mill's reputation for producing exceptionally clean and top quality coffee.