Burundi Microlot #1608 - filter roast 250g
Burundi Microlot #1608 - filter roast 250g
Burundi Microlot #1608 - filter roast 250g

Burundi Microlot #1608 - filter roast 250g


Following on the heels of our wonderful Long Miles Coffee Project Gaharo 11, microlot #1608 extends the same devotion to the improvement of the industry and the cup quality of Burundian coffee. 

Part of what excites us about Burundian coffee is its developing profile; as the quality of coffee out of the country improves and growers and stations reinvest, the region is rapidly establishing itself as a distinctive and appealing origin with characteristics all of its own.  

Naturally processed, microlot #1608 shows intense sweetness with a rich, creamy body and strawberry, cascara and candied pineapple in the cup. 

Region: Mutara Hills, Kirundo
1600 masl
Varietal: heirloom bourbon
Processing: Natural process

Typical of Burundian coffee, this lot is the product of many small lot and subsistence farmers - many of them growing only a few coffee trees alongside their families crops - whose output is collated, processed, graded and managed in the market by a central washing station/mill. The importance of a mill in improving the quality and reach of coffees such as these cannot be overstated, and it’s largely due to focussed investment in well-organised washing stations that Burundian coffee has finally begun to appear on the international market. 

In this case, the Cafex washing station is a private, family-run business established by a Belgian-Burundian couple with a passion for coffee and a deep attachment to the Burundian coffee farming community. Located in Kirundo  in Burundi’s north, the station receives coffee from neighbouring hilltop farms and is managed by trained local staff to maximize the quality of the coffee throughout the processing chain and distribute the benefits in the community. 

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