Cafetto @ Home Eco Milk Frother Cleaner

Cafetto @ Home Eco Milk Frother Cleaner


Part of the Cafetto @ Home domestic cleaning range, which also includes a Machine Cleaner, Grinder Cleaner, Liquid Descaler, and Powder Descaler.

Eco-friendly and registered for organic use. This revolutionary formula will clean and sanitise automatic milk frothers and milk lines.

- Phosphate free
- Biodegradable
- GMO free
- Registered for Organic Use 

2 x 120ml bottles provides EIGHT doses.


• Remove any milk from the system.
• Run the rinse cycle to flush the line with water.
• Place 4 capfuls (30ml/1oz) into 500ml (17oz) of water in a jug (pitcher) or container.
• Flush the entire solution through the milk frother system.
• Rinse the milk jug (pitcher) or container with fresh water. Refill with 1 litre (32oz) of fresh water.
• Flush all water through the milk system to rinse completely.
• The milk system is now ready to use. For machines with automatic cleaning cycles, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.