Clever Coffee Dripper (Large)

Clever Coffee Dripper (Large)


One of the easiest and most user-friendly brewing devices available, the CCD (as its friends call it) is cheap, simple, clean and easy to use. A free standing, generous two cup filter brewer, the CCD has one very important innovation: a valve that keeps your brew from drawing down until you activate it by sitting it on a cup. This simple mechanism ensures that the brew doesn't finish until you're ready for it to, so there's no chance of under-extraction, the chief complaint of drip filter coffee fanatics. 

Similarly, the paper filter used in a CCD means that the brew is clean and bright, with all of the flavour but none of the grit associated with a french press: basically, it's a dream come true for anyone that loves the body and flavour of a french press but can't stand the sludge. And just like a pourover, the Clever is easy to use, and with a pleasant, tea-like consistency it's easy to drink as well. 

Something of a cult device in coffee, the patented Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best features of french press and filter drip methods while cutting out the drawbacks, and doing it simply and easily in the bargain. Made from a durable plastic, BPA-free and including a stand and lid, all you need is filter papers and Padre coffee to get a consistently delicious, rich and robust cup in minutes. 

For the best cup, we recommend a medium - coarse grind. We also sell Filtropa #4 paper filters for the Clever.