Colombia La Melodia
Colombia La Melodia
Colombia La Melodia

Colombia La Melodia


Intensely bright with bursts of sweet rockmelon and citrus, this fully washed Colombian coffee is rich with deep tones of honey and walnut. Suggestive of its name, La Melodia is a velvety, melodic, well balanced cup.

Origin: Colombia 

Region: San Juan De La China, Tolima 

Altitude: 1600 masl 

Varietal: Castillo, Colombia 

Process: Washed and Sun-dried 

San Juán de la China, in Tolima

The village of San Juan de la China, in Tolima, Colombia, is a part of the Juan Café Association; comprising of 35 coffee-producing families, most of which are multi-generational coffee growers. Each farm is approximately 7 hectares in size, with about 5 hectares of this land dedicated to coffee plantations. The total coffee-producing size of the association is around 250 hectares. The producers are dedicated to maintaining the traditions of their families, focusing on organic practices such as non-chemical fertiliser and manual pest management.

The coffee is picked ripe, de-pulped on traditional machines and fermented underwater for 18 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 10-12 days.

Washed Processing

Washing coffee cherries results in a super clean flavour profile and represents an ideal processing method for those who prefer a brighter brew. The fruit from the coffee cherry is first removed and then washed before being laid out to dry. To remove the fruit (or mucilage), the beans are placed into fermentation tanks for 24-48 hours. This process retains the beans natural crisp acidity.

Unlike a natural or honey processed coffee where the bean requires a flavourful coffee cherry, washed coffees depend almost 100% on the bean having absorbed enough natural sugars during its growing cycle. This means the varietal, soil, weather, ripeness, fermentation, washing and drying are key. 

The washed process is able to highlight the true character of a single origin bean like no other process – and is the reason for the immense popularity of washed coffee.