Costa Rica Finca El Jordan - filter roast 250g
Costa Rica Finca El Jordan - filter roast 250g
Costa Rica Finca El Jordan - filter roast 250g

Costa Rica Finca El Jordan - filter roast 250g


Beautifully clean and complex, this naturally processed lot is explosively fruity, but complex in the way only the best naturals can be. It’s sweet and syrupy throughout with a juicy tropical fruit profile heavy on melon and peaches, and a chocolate caramel finish.

Farm: Finca El Jordan
Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela, Tarrazu 
Altitude: 1600+ masl 
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai 
Processing: Natural

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is justly renowned as one of the most progressive and advanced regions in the world for specialty coffee production, with a unique confluence of natural advantage and industrial drive. 

About the Don Sabino Mill

Don Sabino is a small, family owned micromill in the legendary Tarrazu valley of Costa Rica. Lifelong coffee farmers Estevan Vargas and his father, Hiver Vargas founded the mill in 2011 with the goal of producing truly unique specialty coffee according to their own knowledge, tastes and preferences. 

Esteban and Hiver processes coffee from a number of farms at Don Sabino, but this lot is extra-special as it comes from their own farm, Finca El Jordan. Controlling the growth, harvest and processing of a given coffee from start to finish is a bit of a dream come true for a farmers; in this case, it allows the Vargas' obsession with quality and with flavour to take control and results in a really exceptional lot of coffee. You can see a (slightly outdated) video featuring Estevan and Hiver here

About the Natural process

In natural (also known as dry) processing, coffee cherries are dried – in this case, sun-dried on raised african drying beds – with the fruit of the coffee still attached to the seeds. Although the simplest and oldest way to process coffee, it’s not easy to get right, and requires very careful control at harvest and processing levels to ensure that over a long (often 20-40 day) drying period the sugars and flavours in the coffee fruit are concentrated and absorbed into the bean without over fermentation or uneven drying. At their best, naturally processed coffees are sticky-sweet, and highly complex with unmistakable fruity flavours and aromatics – this is just such a coffee. 

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