El Salvador Buena Vista
El Salvador Buena Vista
El Salvador Buena Vista

El Salvador Buena Vista


This intensely sweet naturally processed El Sal has beautiful ripe tropical fruit and dark cocoa flavours throughout, juicy citrus acidity and a lush, syrupy body. 

Farm: Finca Santa Rita
RegionAhuachapán, El Salvador
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai & Hybrid San Francisco
Altitude: 1650+ masl
Process: natural

About the producers

Jasal is a family-owned business with more than 100 years experience in the cultivation, processing and export of some of El Salvador's finest coffees - last year's delightful Los Luchadores was another Jasal coffee. The handful of farms that make up Jasal's holdings are spread across the Apaneca/Ilamatepec mountain range, with full-time agronomists travelling between them to monitor the various shade-grown lots and differing varietals. 
text-align: left;"> All of Jasal's coffees are processed at their proprietary mill, Beneficio Las Cruces. One of the countries oldest processing centres, Las Cruces has a rich history and is said to have at one point harboured a fugitive Che Guevara. Today, Las Cruces is a modern and experimental mill able to produce outstanding natural, honey and washed coffees that are fully traceable. 

About the Natural process

In natural (also known as dry) processing, coffee cherries are dried – in this case, sun-dried on raised african drying beds – with the fruit of the coffee still attached to the seeds. Although the simplest and oldest way to process coffee, it’s not easy to get right, and requires very careful control at harvest and processing levels to ensure that over a long (often 20-40 day) drying period the sugars and flavours in the coffee fruit are concentrated and absorbed into the bean without over fermentation or uneven drying. At their best, naturally processed coffees are sticky-sweet, and highly complex with unmistakable fruity flavours and aromatics – this is just such a coffee.  

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