Ethiopia Limu Hunda Oli
Ethiopia Limu Hunda Oli
Ethiopia Limu Hunda Oli

Ethiopia Limu Hunda Oli


Our first Limu in years, this is a beautiful and interesting lot - an atypical Ethiopian, shade-grown under old-growth forest, hand-picked and wet-processed, with a sweet and creamy profile, notes of apricot, coffee blossom and milk chocolate alongside juicy lime acidity. 

Region: Agaro, Woreda Limu, Oromia
Varietal: Local heirloom varietals
Terroir: 2000+ masl, red/brown soil
Grade: 1 (washed) Limu - ECX
Processing: fully washed, dried on raised beds

About Limu

Strongly defined regional characteristics are a hallmark of Ethiopia's coffees, due in part to the very long established history of coffee production and local consumption in the region and in part to its unique heirloom varietals, which encode regional variation in a particularly tangible way. The Limu Woreda, like the better known Sidamo or Yirgacheffe has a profile all of its own - typically balanced and clean with a milder acidity and robust mouthfeel.

About Hunda Oli

Hunda Oli is the name of the 128 member grower's co-operative that produced and prepared this coffee in the forests of Agaro, Limu. Hunda Oli growers tend a unique kind of farm, typically a 1 hectare plot of wild coffee plants growing in the shade of the old-growth indigenous forest's trees. In these conditions, the role of a farmer's co-operative to bring coffee beans to market is especially valuable. Beans are hand-picked and sorted, pulped and soaked overnight before being dried on raised beds for 7-14 days until the target moisture content is achieved.

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