Ethiopia Sidama Gugufe
Ethiopia Sidama Gugufe
Ethiopia Sidama Gugufe

Ethiopia Sidama Gugufe


A Sidama coffee from Oromia's renowned Guji region, the Gugufe is a brilliant, bold coffee with more elegance than the name suggests (Gugufe is the name given to a local shade tree, often grown alongside the region's heirloom coffee plants.) This naturally processed coffee boasts an intense and complex fruit-driven profile, with rich cherry, orange and dark chocolate backed up by a rich, heavy body and lingering toffee finish.

Standing out even in Ethiopia's rich and varied specialty coffee landscape, coffees from the Guji region benefit from a combination of superior climatic conditions, unique heirloom varietals and generations of local experience, all contributing to a reputation for sweet, syrupy and intensely flavoured coffees.

Region: Kercha Woreda, Guji, Oromia
Altitude: 1900 - 2300 masl
Varietal: Heirloom Ethiopian
Processing: Natural
Washing Station: Mokonisa Keble, Kercha Wereda

Grown and processed in the Kercha Wereda of the Guji Zone, this coffee has been harvested from select plants across 46 different small-plot farms in the area, where an average farm size of just 2 hectares makes up a region filled with more than 1600 hectares of coffee plantation, some of them among the oldest in the world. With heirloom plants grown at up to 2300 masl, the Guji highlands is a stand-out growing region for us and produces some truly extraordinary coffees. Typical of coffees from the region, the Gugufe has been naturally processed, sun-dried with coffee cherry's fruit intact. The natural process contributes to the heavy, fruit-driven profile that comes together with clean acidity and good body for a wonderfully balanced cup.

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