Ethiopia Sidama Mokonisa
Ethiopia Sidama Mokonisa
Ethiopia Sidama Mokonisa

Ethiopia Sidama Mokonisa


Ethiopia is widely accepted as coffee's birthplace, and home to some of the most vibrant and distinctive single origin coffees around.

From the prized Guji zone of Oromia district, the Sidama Mokonisa offers a fresh take on the typically fruity and juicy Sidama profile with remarkable sweetness, apricot, honey and coffee blossom in the cup and a smooth milk chocolate finish. A washed coffee from the Mokonisa Keble station, it has been drawn from the produce of over 500 smallholder producers in the region - as is common in Oromia - graded by quality and processed in lots. The Ethiopian washing style, in which the coffee fruit is soaked in water to remove the skin and pulp before drying, in this coffee expresses great aromatic complexity and intensity with distinctive sweetness and clarity.

Region: Mokonisa Keble, Guji, Oromia
Varietal: Local heirloom varietals
Terroir: 1900-2300 masl, red/brown soil
Grade: 1 (washed) Yirgacheffe - ECX
Screen Size: SC 14+
Processing: fully washed, dried on raised beds

A tiny region located not far from Yirgacheffe, Sidama is blessed with outstanding natural advantages for coffee growing including super high altitudes, rich soil and of course Ethiopia's extraordinary heirloom coffee plants. Coffee for this lot has been grown in the homes and gardens of over 500 smallholder and subsistence farmers (generally of <1 hectare) from heirloom coffee plants that are among some of the oldest strains in existence. Because of the slow evolution of coffee production and consumption in Ethiopia, regional variation is tremendous, with the key growing regions distinguished by cup profile to a far higher degree than in any other country. This coffee, thanks to it's unique origin and meticulous processing, subverts expectations with high sweetness, complexity, florals and juicy stone fruit.

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