Fresh Crop Subscription - Espresso
Fresh Crop Subscription - Espresso
Fresh Crop Subscription - Espresso
Fresh Crop Subscription - Espresso

Fresh Crop Subscription - Espresso


Every single origin we release is another step forward - another opportunity for us to explore the output of great producers from around the world and to share their coffees (and their stories) with you all. Drinking and getting to know them over the course of the weeks or months our stock of each coffee lasts, we find that coffees develop character far beyond a lot number or a name..
When they're gone, we miss them. Our single origin menu tells a lot of stories.

A Fresh Crop Subscription is an opportunity to connect with our roasters as they journey through the world's best coffees. Every fortnight, the Padre roasters select the current coffee that excites them most, roast it to order and send it out to our Fresh Crop crew. Along with the coffee, you get key info about where coffee is from, its producer and how it was grown and processed. Our aim is to share our very best single origins with you and to help you learn more about coffee, as well as what you like. More than just a fortnightly dispatch, Fresh Crop is an avenue to learn about, discuss and refine your approach to brewing coffee.

The Espresso Subscription is perfect for you if you are brewing with any of the faster brewing methods - Espresso, of course, but also Stovetop and (depending on your recipe) Aeropress.

If you're not sure what to choose, just give us a call (or send us an email) and we'll happily advise you - it's what we're here for!

How it works.

Our Fresh Crop Subscription is unique in that once you're signed up, you can call the shots. 

If you'd like to skip, pause or resume deliveries you can do so easily via your customer account, and if your tastes (or circumstances) change and you'd like to try a different roast style or grind setting there's no charge to swap or change your subscription, either.

Giving a Subscription as a gift?

Great idea. Simply choose to pre-pay the subscription, tick 'is this a gift' and pop your loved one's delivery details in to the Shipping Address field at checkout. If you'd like us to include a gift card with the first order, just let us know. 

What about shipping?

Shipping is included in the cost of the subscription. Once you've signed up, we're ready to go. We roast and dispatch our Fresh Crop coffees every second Wednesday, so please keep that in mind if you need to skip or change a delivery. Once your Subscription is on the way you'll receive an email update from our courier partner with tracking information, so you can put the kettle on right before your coffee arrives. 

For more information, check out our FAQ blog post here or contact us at Padre HQ on (03) 9380 8225.

Looking for a Subscription for one of our house blends?

No problem. We're very excited to now offer standing orders for our Seasonal, DG and Hey Buddy blends - all the functionality of a subscription, for when you already know what your favourite coffee is 😉  More information.