Guatemala Finca Santa Isabel
Guatemala Finca Santa Isabel
Guatemala Finca Santa Isabel

Guatemala Finca Santa Isabel


A stunning microlot Guatemalan from award-winning Finca Santa Isabel, two time winner of Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence competition. One of our most anticipated coffees of the year, this beautiful lot is clean, sweet and balanced with complex notes of tropical fruit, honey, lemon citrus, black tea and a creamy chocolate/caramel finish. 

Farm: Finca Santa Isabel
egion: Alta Verapaz, Coban
Altitude: 1400-1600 masl
Varietal: Caturra & Catuai
Processing: Fully Washed

About Finca Santa Isabel

Finca Santa Isabel is a fifth-generation family farm comprising 300 hectares in Guatemala’s beautiful and rugged Alta Verapaz. The land on which the farm operates was granted to its founder by the country’s president in the late 1800s, and established as a coffee farm in 1875. Today, the farm is run by father-son team, Luis and Luis Valdes (that’s not a typo – both are Luis. The elder Luis’ grandson, Luis IV, also lives on the farm.)

Today, the farm is known internationally for the premium microlot coffee it produces as well as for its devoted adherence to strict practices of environmental responsibility. Coffee crops are shade-grown under Inga and Macadamia trees and one full third of the farm is given over to a forest reserve, preserving water resources and providing habitat for local animal and birdlife. Natural, organic fertiliser is used and the wet mill used to process the Finca’s coffee abides by strict water regulation and recycling standards. 


After picking, Santa Isabel’s red cherries are transported by foot or tractor to the wet mill, where they are pulped immediately and then fermented for up to 48 hours. After fermentation the coffee in parchment is soaked in clean water for 24 hours, before being sundries for 7-10 days until 30% moisture and then transferred to a greenhouse for a further 15-30 days to dry on raised beds. 

The greenhouse drying phase is essential to Santa Isabel’s success, as high rainfall in the area make sun-drying a risk procedure. Similarly, the microclimate of Alta Verapaz makes for staggered flowering of the coffee trees and a long harvest period at Finca Santa Isabel, who manage the quality of their harvest by running multiple passes of their hand-picking crew who selectively harvest only perfectly ripe red cherries.

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