Honduras Humberto Mata
Honduras Humberto Mata
Honduras Humberto Mata

Honduras Humberto Mata


Named for the farmer that produces it, the Honduras Jesus Humberto Mata is a sweet, smooth and well-balanced coffee with a big body. Creamy cocoa and caramel notes, lovely spice and a brilliant juicy grapefruit aspect make it a delicious and memorable single origin.

Farm: El Potrero Grande
Region: Las Crucitas, Belen Gualcho
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon
Altitude: 1600-1700masl
Process: fully washed and solar dried

Jesus Humberto Mata has spent a lifetime working with coffee, an affinity passed down from his paternal grandfather. He takes great pride in the refined production techniques of his small-lot coffee, some of which has competed at the highest level in Honduras' legendary Cup Of Excellence competition. As a farmer who oversees all elements of production for his coffee, he is greatly concerned with sustainability and the environmental integration of his crop, working each year to improve systems for soil health and water conservation including the use of shade trees and ground cover in his integrated coffee fields.

At harvest time, Jesus employs a team of up to 40 locals to assist with picking, sorting and processing his coffee, which is wet-milled on the day of harvest and dried with a solar dryer. Solar dryers are a relatively modern adaptation in Central America, featuring many layers of raised drying beds in a greenhouse-like structure designed to encourage air circulation as the coffee dries. Solar dryers are less risky for the crop than patio drying and collect fewer foreign items, they're also much more space-conservative than traditional raised beds and the movement of air dries coffee faster.

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