Indonesia Tana Toraja
Indonesia Tana Toraja
Indonesia Tana Toraja

Indonesia Tana Toraja


One of the most anticipated coffees of the year for us, the Tana Toraja is a genre-defying coffee from the fascinating Toraja Arabica Company. Whatever your expectations of an Indonesian bean, please, put them aside. A peaberry bean that's been wet-processed in the Central American (rather than traditional Indonesian) style, the extremely clean, delicate and sweet Tana Toraja impressed us from the very start.
Look for notes of toffee, apricot and cane sugar in the cup with a hint of raspberry and spice.

Region: South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Altitude: 1400 - 1600 masl
Varietal: S795 (peaberry)
Processing: Washed

This unusual coffee has a fascinating background, produced by the Indonesian-Japanese co-venture Toraja Arabica Coffee (ToArCo.) Toarco was founded in 1976 by the Japanese company Key Coffee, who identified a unique quality in the coffees of Tana Toraja. Since its conception the focus of Toarco has been on quality and advancement and today it is without question one of Indonesia's finest producers. Working with over 7000 families in Tana Toraja, Toarco evangelize constantly for coffee quality and rigorous processing.

The international perspective of Toarco has distinguished this coffee from others of the region in a number of ways. In a wet and humid region, Toarco is the only grower in Indonesia to dry coffee using Japanese mechanical rice driers. It's also one of very few to use a washed process based on the Central American style - this is different to a traditional Indonesian giling basah process, which contributes to the traditionally earthy profile often associated with coffees of the region. The reward of the expensive and intensive washed process in this case is an extremely clean, delicate and sweet coffee whose unique flavour profile shines through.

Even better, this is a peaberry lot. A peaberry is a naturally ocurring mutation in which a single coffee bean grows in the coffee cherry, which would ordinarily contain two. Smaller and rounder than ordinary beans, peaberries are thought by many to be more intensely flavoured and for this reason are often separated from other beans to be sold in peaberry lots.

All of this makes the Indonesia Tana Toraja a coffee that you should not miss. If you're a filter drinker, you can find our filter roast selection here.