Keep Cup Original 8oz

Keep Cup Original 8oz


Unless you're the kind of person who only ever drinks their coffee sitting down with their feet up and the paper in hand then you probably need a Keep Cup. For those of us with a one (at least) a day takeaway habit, they should probably be compulsory.

The world's best reusable coffee cup, Keep Cup is designed and made in Melbourne by a company of cafe insiders who set out to solve the problem of the unbelievable amount of waste that goes into single-use disposable coffee packaging.  

In brief;

  • 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured globally every year - that's about 75 per person for every single person on the planet, and 
  • half of the plastic manufactured is for single use products
  • there is enough plastic in 28 disposable cups and lids to make one Keep Cup, and
  • the energy required to produce a Keep Cup breaks even after just fifteen uses

The good news is, Keep Cups are cheap, handsome and made in Melbourne by a wonderful and environmentally aware company, and Padre has been on board with this fantastic project right from the start.

We sell them in a 4oz (espresso / piccolo latte / babycino size), 8oz (equvalent to most cafe's small/regular) and a 12oz too. 

The nifty swivelling plastic stopper seals your coffee in completely, so you can also use Keep Cups for carrying soup, fruit salad.. Basically anything you like, as long as you remember to empty it out and clean it up before handing it to your barista.
All in all they're very handy little guys, and perfectly made to fit their purpose.

Best of all, Keep Cups come in a range of colours - too many to list here - so if you'd like a particular colour scheme please let us know and we'll do our best to please you. Otherwise, pop into one of our cafes and play around with the different coloured bands/lids/stoppers to your heart's content.