Kenya Githongo AB
Kenya Githongo AB
Kenya Githongo AB

Kenya Githongo AB


Another stellar Kenyan fruit bomb, big, bold and juicy with blackcurrant, cherry, toffee and cocoa in the cup. From the Kiambu region in Kenya's central province, the Githongo is sweet, rich, bright and balanced.

Wet Mill: Githongo 
Region: Kiambu province, Nairobi
Altitude: 1850+ masl
Varietal: SL34 & SL28
Process: fully washed, sun-dried on raised African beds
Grade: AB

About Kenya.

One of the world’s most sought-after origins and a stand-out favourite for many, Kenyan coffee has a distinct profile known for its intensity, full body and aroma

It is believed that coffee was introduced to Kenya in the 1880's, where it found a combination of high altitudes, rich volcanic soils and a stable climate ideal for the coffee plant to flourish. The Central Kenya region, which stretches from the outskirts of Nairobi up to the slopes of Mount Kenya, takes in the districts of Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Murang'a and Nyeri and today produces around 70% of the nation's coffee. 

Like neighbouring Ethiopia, Kenya boasts the high altitudes, rich soils and stable climate best suited to specialty coffee production. Even better, Kenya also have one of the most transparent and rigid buying systems in the world at the Nairobi coffee auctions.

About Cooperatives.

Unique in the world’s market, Kenya’s coffee industry is known in particular for its grading system as well as its increasing reliance on the cooperative model of production, processing, milling, marketing and auction. 

With over 70% of Kenyan coffee grown by small-holder farmers, many of them subsistence or mixed-crop farmers, the cooperative model flourishes in Kenya where longstanding, highly-organised and community run cooperatives assist growers to produce and sell high quality green coffee for the global market as well as, in many cases, assisting with the provision of healthcare, education and financial assistance to their members.

This lot of coffee comes to us from the Githongo factory, one of thirteen processing factories owned by the powerful Komothai Farmer's Cooperative Society. Komothai FCS consists of nearly 10,000 active members and is one of Kenya's best organised and most successful co-ops, producing over 400 tonnes of coffee this season, a quarter of that for the specialty market. 

About grading.

In Kenya, all green coffee is graded according to size, with beans ‘sifted’ through screens to separate lots. 
AA is the largest, followed by AB, C, PB, T, TT, UG1 and so on.

Although larger beans often sell at a higher price, grade is only one of many factors that distinguishes a high quality Kenyan coffee. 

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