Peru La Naranja
Peru La Naranja
Peru La Naranja

Peru La Naranja


This lot comes to us from producer Saul Olivera of Miraflores, Peru. His farm, Finca La Naranja, is a 2 hectare parcel planted with Costa Rica, Tipica, and Caturra coffee varietals alongside a number of vegetables, wheat, and fruit trees. Saul first acquired this farm in 2011. This specific lot was harvested at peak ripeness, depulped and fermented for 14-20 hours before being slow-dried in a parabolic dryer for up to nine days.

In the cup, it resonates with lovely floral and fruit notes, delicate honeysuckle, juicy green apple acidity, raw sugar sweetness and cocoa towards the finish. A lovely coffee with a delicate profile, the La Naranja is especially nice enjoyed black.

Farm: La Naranja
Region: Cajamarca, Peru
Varietal: Caturra, Costa Rica, Tipica
Altitude: 1700+ masl
Process: fully washed

About Peru.

Just south of Colombia, Peru has all of the conditions necessary for world-class specialty coffee production; fantastic altitudes, soil and climate, a range of high-performing varietals and a agricultural sector heavily interested in a movement towards quality-driven, small-lot and traceable production.

As a relative newcomer to the specialty market, however, there are still numerous logistical and economic challenges in place for ambitious farmers such as Saul Olivera. We're proud to support him and to share this coffee with you and hope that it's the first of many from the delightful Miraflores region.

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