Toddy Commercial Brew System (Used)

Toddy Commercial Brew System (Used)

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Come summer, nothing beats iced coffee - a truth so well known that for cafes it can be impossible to keep up with demand. The simple and economical Toddy Commercial is here to make sure you never run out, brewing 8+L of smooth and flavourful cold brew per batch.

One of the biggest names in cold brewing, Toddy have made non-electric commercial and home brewing gear for over 50 years. Brewed cold from start to finish, Toddy coffee is characteristically low in acidity and high in flavour, with lovely rich and smooth coffee (or tea) that's perfect on ice or diluted with a splash of cold milk.

The Toddy Commercial System produces 8L of delicious concentrated cold brew at a time - enough to keep even a busy cafe satisfied through Australia's hot and thirsty summer.

The improved system now includes the Toddy Lift - with no squeezing required, the Lift increases the volume of cold brew you get out of every batch. Find this item also in online sale. 

This Toddy System does not include paper filters which are required to brew, but you can conveniently find them here.

The system measures 15.5" high by 12" wide.

Please note: This is a used item and will not come packaged in a Toddy branded box.