Vario Mahlkonig Grinder
Vario Mahlkonig Grinder
Vario Mahlkonig Grinder
Vario Mahlkonig Grinder
Vario Mahlkonig Grinder

Vario Mahlkonig Grinder


Specially designed by some of the industry's best technicians to meet the needs of the most exacting home baristas, we're happy to say that the Vario Mahlkonig Home is the only electonic grinder you're ever going to need.

It's small, quick, clean, smart and simple, easy to use, and good to look at. Star features include repeatable grind settings equally good from superfine espresso to tasty filter to extra-coarse plunger. One touch dosing is made easy using three user programmable buttons, and the 54mm ceramic burr set is custom made in Germany for quick and accurate grinding and are garaunteed to remain sharp for up to twice the lifetime of the finest steel burrs.

The Vario Mahlkonig is user friendly and easy to operate, with all the controls front mounted as well as a ground coffee collection bin and brilliant 'Porta-Holder' for hands free grinding. The electronic control via timer, variable programming and multiple grind settings with fine tuning options makes dosing consistency easily achievable. in addition, the three individually adjustable pre-settings for espresso, filter and French press simplify daily use and make switching between different brew methods perfectly painless.


Grinding capacity

approx. 1.6 g/sec

Hopper capacity

approx. 200g

Dimensions (w x h x d)

12.5 x 37 x 18 cm

Voltage / frequency

200-230 V / 50/60 Hz


100-115 V / 50/60 Hz

Current consumption

max. 2 A

Power consumption

Ø 200 W

Rotations / minute

1000 rpm

Grinding disc diameter

54 mm (ceramic)

Net weight

3.7 kg