Our Coffees

We source and supply only specialty grade coffees, this is the core of our business. Specialty grade coffees by definition help the coffee community achieve our end goal of raising coffee standards, not just in the cup profile, but right down the supply chain to the producers.  

Specialty grade coffee is harder for a producer to achieve with constant work on farming practices, processing, drying and storage.  As a result a higher grade coffee and therefore higher price is paid to the producer.  This in turn adds to the provenance and sustainability in a way that doesn't exist with commercial grade coffees.


Our two espresso blends - Seasonal and Daddy's Girl are blends we have refined over the years in our stores.  Both of these blends work well with milk or as a great espresso. 

Single Origin

We curate and ever changing range of single origin coffees.  The range is continually updated as coffees we have sourced become available and old favourites run out. 


We roast a selection of single origins for filter and one blend - Hey Buddy.  Hey Buddy is a blend of two outstanding coffees blended and roasted for filter.  This may seem a little strange but after experimenting for a while we kept going back to this and decided to keep this blend of filter coffees on our menu as an interesting and tasty blend for cold brew, plunger and filter.